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Which Titus bike is right for me?

Titus mountain bikes are all about versatility. Choose any of our models and you will be rewarded with a machine that allows you to expand your riding possibilities. The question becomes: “Which Titus bike is right for me?” We would like to suggest that you buy one of each. After all, you can never have too many bikes…right?

Now, back to reality. If you can choose only one, we want to make sure that you are getting the right bike. We take into account the places you ride, the conditions you ride in, and most importantly the type of riding you like to do.

How much air pressure should I put in my shock?

When setting up the suspension on your bike, it is important to have the suspension compress slightly (sag) when sitting on the bike. Setting the proper amount of sag will allow the bike to follow the terrain better and maintain proper frame angles. The proper sag setting also determines the air pressure or spring rate so that major adjustments will not be required on the trail. Follow the steps below:

Place a zip tie around the shock shaft (your shock may already have an o-ring).
Slide the tie or o-ring up to the base of the shock body.
Sit on the bike with your full weight on the saddle. (It’s best to do this while wearing your full riding gear)
Look down and make sure the tie is still against the shock body, and then slowly step off the bike
Measure the distance between the shock body and the zip tie/o-ring. The proper measurement should be between 3/8 and ½ inch (9.5-12.5mm)
Adjust pressure up or down accordingly.
Re-check your settings after a few rides. The shock seals will break in and the pressure will need to be adjusted.

The rear end of my bike has developed some side play. What is causing this and how do I fix it?

If, over time, the rear end on your frame develops side play, take the following steps to track down the reason:

Check your rear hub bearing adjustment and spoke tension first to make sure your rear wheel is not the culprit.
Make sure the 4mm Horst-link bolts are tight.
Make sure the 5mm shock eyelet bolt is tight (a small amount of play at the shock itself is normal)
Re-check the rear end for play. If there is still play move on to step 5.
Remove drive side crank arm.
Tighten the 8mm pivot bolt at the lower yoke until there is no play in the lower swingarm. Be careful not to over tighten, a 3 inch allen wrench can generate enough torque to adequately tighten the main pivot bolt. Over-tightening may result in crushed bearings.
Re-check the rear end for play. If this has not solved the problem, see BEARING REPLACEMENT.
Re-install drive side crank arm.
Go ride!

How often do I need to replace my Horst-link bushings and how do I do it?

The life of the sealed bearings and Horst pivot bushings on your bike will vary depending on the type of conditions you ride in and the way you ride. You should be able to get two or more years out of your Horst pivots if you disassemble them every 6-12 months to clean and re-lube the bushings.
To replace Horst pivot bushings and/or cartridge bearings you will need the following tools:

  • Plastic Mallet
  • Blunt ended punch
  • A vice or press with smooth jaws (not serrated)

I’m a female who is taller than 5 feet 5, what are my options for frames?

If you’re a female over 5’5″, your  options are even greater. Most of the tips that apply to shorter women still apply to you. You may still have a shorter torso and longer legs compared to a male rider of equal height. You likely weigh a lot less than your male counterpart as well. The need to have a female specific design, however, may not be as important as it is for shorter females. Shorter riders usually require very small frames with very short top tubes. The short top tube requires an adjusted geometry to get the bike to handle correctly.
Read more about our women’s fit here.

Do you have any owner manuals?

Currently we only have the Racer X Owners Manual. View it here.

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers the original owner for a period of three years for all ALUMINUM frames. Full Carbon Fiber frames are covered for 5 years, and TITANIUM and Titanium/Carbon (i.e. Isogrid/Exogrid) frames are covered for the lifetime of the original owner.

Do you have any documentation on the assembly of your bikes?

Stay up date with our Tech Notes
Moto Lite Assembly Documentation
Racer X Assembly Documentation

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